H2O Industries - Wayne Slark, Master Water Specialist Level VI.

H2O Industries - Water Treatment - Wayne SlarkHello, I am Wayne Slark MWS VI, Owner of H2O Industries and this blog. I have been in the water treatment industry since 1973. I bring a lifetime of experience to help you with your water problems. It does not matter if it is residential or industrial, I have a lot of experience. 

I am a member of the Water Quality Association, a Master Water Specialist Level VI (there are very few of us at the Level VI) and I have 40 years of hands on experience.  I have 2 US Patents and 1 International Patent for water treatment processes.

There are different topics that I will be discussing to share my wealth of knowledge that I have gained over my lifetime that all pertain to water treatment and water safety. As we build new topics and discussions, please feel free to comment or ask any questions that you may have that we may not currently have a blog posted on yet. I am sure that I will have the answer!

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