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Your Clean Water
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Lead in Water – How to Protect Your Home

Lead in Water - Municipal Drinking Water

Lead in Water – What You Need to Know Certified Master Water Specialist Wayne Slark details what you need to about lead in water and how to protect your water at home. How does lead get into city water? How to prevent it from coming into your home. Cities test water and even when it […]

Point-of-Entry Water Treatment Solutions

Water Filtration Systems

Point-of-Entry (POE) devices are whole-house treatment systems mainly designed to reduce contaminants in water intended for showering, washing dishes and clothes, brushing teeth, and flushing toilets. Ion Exchange  Ion exchange operations and the choice of resins to use is highly dependent on the water analysis, what has to be removed and to what level it […]

Point-of-Use Water Treatment Solutions

RO - Reverse Osmosis Systems

Point-of-Use (POU) devices treat water at the point of consumption. The technology provides the final barrier to the contaminants of concern before the water is consumed or used. Some technologies that are commonly applied at the point of use, but may also be applied at the point of entry, include the following: Activated Carbon Reverse […]

The Benefits of Good Water Quality

Water and Health

Water Quality and Health Are Linked Bad water is bad for you, but safe water is key to life — and good for you! Water has so many health benefits that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recommends drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. Water and health are linked. According […]

Germs in Your Drinking Water

Water Germs

It is estimated that 19.5 million illnesses occur each year in the United States that are caused by microorganisms in drinking water. Particularly vulnerable are older adults, young children and people with weakened immune systems.